Post Binders

Post Binders are used by abstracting companies and county court houses to maintain Index Pages.

Post Binders are available in various sizes and are normally made with two or four metal posts to hold the Index Pages. These posts will be either 5/16 or 3/8 inch and a purchase of additional posts will increase the binders index page holding capacity.

Post Binders may also be purchased with rectangular posts and the number of posts these binders have will vary according to the binders size.

Even though a black color imitation leather is the most common color and material ordered there are other colors and material choices available.

Gold or silver lettering is available for printing on Post Binders and, when ordered, any back flap.

To begin pricing, you must mail or ship to us two samples for each different sized Post Binder. Do not fold your samples, either send them flat or rolled up in a tube.

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