The Deluxe Finish Abstract Cover is made of a poly/cloth material, the toughest, brightest color material we have available. It’s front side has a glossy textured appearance which is moisture resistant and can be printed on. It’s reverse/inside has a cloth like surface which is not moisture resistant and cannot be printed on. This material does not fold to crease by hand as easily as the other two materials and to insert prongs a hole punch must be used. There are fifteen Deluxe Finish Abstract Cover Colors.

Color Samples

LP 9000 – Red
LP 9025 – Dark Red
LP 9450 – Light Maroon
LP 9050 – Dark Maroon
LP 9100 – Tangerine
LP 9200 – Light Green
LP 9250 – Dark Green
LP 9300 – Med. Slate Blue
LP 9350 – Deep Blue
LP 9400 – Midnight Blue
LP 9150 – Gold
LP 9500 – Deep Gold
LP 9550 – Brown
LP 9600 – Dark Gray
LP 9650 – Black

These colors may vary due to monitor settings. A sample will be mailed upon request.