Legal Forms

The Legal Forms shown are set up for Oklahoma. Prior to any purchase you must determine if the forms shown meet all legal requirements.

The Deed Forms are printed on white 24 lb, 8 ½ x 14 inch, 25% cotton cockle finish paper. They are padded 100 to a pad and four pads are the minimum order, you may order a mixed quantity to reach the four pad minimum. When ordering use the Deed Form numbers shown on each form. The Deed Forms number will only print on the front side at the bottom left corner, the Deed Forms number does not print at the top as shown on the samples. These forms have printing on their front and back sides.

The Uniform Abstract Certificates are printed on white 20 lb or 24 lb, 8 ½ x 11 inch, 25% cotton, paper, with either a smooth or cockle finish. These forms are custom printed with your company information in the spaces we have left blank. You may have a similar or same form that we can reproduce without any type setting.

If you have a legal form you want reproduced we might be able to reproduce that form from, preferably, a good black and white copy you have, or possibly one that is in different colors and not so good. We have the ability to photograph and capture images that are not the best. The cost of doing this is much less than having to typeset or recreate art. There are some forms that cannot be reproduced in this way. If you want to send a sample for our opinion there would be no charge to determine what is necessary. If the form is not clear enough, and it must be type set, or any art recreated, we will determine the cost and advise you on how best to proceed.

We recommend that all Legal Forms like these be printed on at least a 25% cotton archival quality paper.


NOTE: Unprinted archival quality papers are also available for purchase.

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Deed Headings
Uniform Abstract Certificate