The Pinseal Finish Abstract Cover texture is similar to the Linen Finish Abstract Covers. Even though this material is also made of acrylic impregnated cloth, it is not as moisture resistant as the other two materials. If it were allowed to lay on a wet surface, moisture might penetrate it and discolor the paper inside. Only the Pinseal Finish’s front side can be printed on, it’s reverse/inside has a cloth-like surface which is not moisture resistant and cannot be printed on. This material is softer and its texture smoother than the other two materials. There are seventeen Pinseal Finish Abstract Cover Colors.

Color Samples

LP 8000 – White
LP 7900 – Ivory
LP 7980 – Silver
LP 6500 – Black
LP 5000 – Dark Chocolate
LP 4000 – Neptune Blue
LP 3500 – Slate Blue
LP 3000 – Dark Navy
LP 2000 – Green
LP 1909 – Dark Green
LP 1968 – Deep Green
LP 1109 – Bright Red
LP 0089 – Red
LP 1277 – Deep Red
LP 1600 – Dark Purple
LP 1284 – Dark Maroon

These colors may vary due to monitor settings. A sample will be mailed upon request.